My boyfriend sexted another girl?

So back in August I went to visit my long distance boyfriend, we see each other quite often as we only live an hour apart. One night when I was there we started drinking, and I was playing around on his phone, and some girl texted him. I naturally read the text, and what I saw broke my heart. For a month or so they were sexting back and forth, during the times I was at work and couldn't text. I don't know what to do it's been 5 months since I found this out, and we've had blow up fights, and I'm not moving past what he did. Is sexting cheating? Am I wrong for this to be bothering me still? Should I just break up with him?


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  • I think if it's been 5 months and you're still not over it, it's something that won't heal.

    In my relationship something similar happened, not as bad as your situation but of a similar theme, and I was so heart broken. But, after a couple of months I began to forgive him and the situation slowly began to repair. It's not cheating in my mind, and your situation doesn't sound like cheating either, but it definitely isn't faithful behaviour and it boils down to what you can/can't get past unfortunately.


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  • Definitely a brk up

    Ik how that feels ladies..its best to move on rather than staying with him and being stomped on like that. Its just UNACCEPABLE!


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  • it IS cheating, and if he won't even admit that what he did was wrong, then YES break up with him. I would break up with him anyway.


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