Her stalking ex wanted to hit me ?

she left her boyfriend becuase he is treating bad we started kinda dating now I was with her at bus station and he saw us sohe came at me saying so you are the one who is fucking my girl and wanted to punch my ass before he did it I paper spray his ass and he fell on the ground and we ran did I do something wornk what do you guys suggest ?
she told me her ex is always drunk and agressive so I had to carry this shit in case of need


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  • Keep yourself protected and don't get involved with psycho chicks with psycho exes.


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  • The only thing you did wrong was not say '' The power of the pepper spray compels you beeeyotch!'' After you peppered his butt.

    Well, it was self defense so, I don't think you did anything wrong. A little cheap pepper spraying him but, as I said self defense especially if he's known to carry a weapon.

    • why cheap he is 6.5 am 5.7 a need the surprise factore he was drunk like fuck also

    • 6'5 5'7 He was drunk, and stupid from the sound of it. Just trip his drunk ass next time lol. He probably won't see that coming.

  • Report the agression to the police (first check if using pepper spray is legal where you live)


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