Breaking up with a sensitive guy?

Me and this guy have been dating for a bit, and he thinks we're 'deeply in love', even though he avoids me lots and never replies to my texts, calls me, etc. He told me that he is very sensitive, and would die if we broke up. I have been wanting to break up with him for about 3 weeks but after he said that, I can't think of a way to do it that won't shatter his heart. He is a very kind person. Is there a way that I can break up with him that will keep him from getting as devastated as he said he would be?


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  • just dump him I guarantee he won't die, its emotional manipulation to make someone stay in a relationship theyre not truly happy with. I had an ex who said he would kill himself out of misery if I ever left him and I just told him to do it then and shut up about it, he never killed himself, he moved on after a week to a new girl and didn't bat an eyelid over our break up. I have no sympathy for people who say that even if they mean it, if a 1-2 year long girlfriend/boyfriend means that much to you that you can't bear the thought of life ever again you have a problem, theyd get over it in a year at most and then live a normal happy life again with someone new no need to be melodramatic and end your life over temporary unhappiness

    if he avoids you lots and never replies to your text anyway he can't be that in love with you, maybe he's just keeping you while checking out or speaking to other girls so that you won't go off and get a new boyfriend until he's done deciding.

    the kid is under 18, he's going to know he won't stay with you forever. best to break up with him without taking his crap so he doesn't start using it as a fall back tactic in future relationships with other girls


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  • Tell him the world isn't made out of puppies and kittens and raindbows, and that he needs to stop giving you nonsense ultimatums like "he will die if you break up with him." Tell him he's being a sack of shit for trying to emotionally play you like that, and that he should just die if that's what his entire life depends on, because no relationship lasts forever.

    This guy is a class A needy, boring boyfriend who's trying to manipulate you.

    • +1, I like the he world isn't made out of puppies and kittens and raindbows, line. I'm going to use that, and give you credit lol

  • Unfortunately no matter HOW you break up with him, he will be hurt regardless.

    Don't allow anyone (including your soon to be ex) guilt trip you into doing something you don't want to do.

    I say break up with him the way YOU want to, since his reaction won't matter either way.


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  • Being he is so "super thin skinned," to say the least, you will need to handle Boy Wonder with "kid gloves." Do NOT text or call in a "good bye," that would be inhumane, and you might end up feeling guilty yourself for it and take him back on your "pity wagon" later. I am sure he won't "die" anytime soon(unless you have been seeing signs of "not playing with a full deck" here), so if that is the case, then find a private, quiet spot and sit him down gently and ---tell him gently---your unfortunate decision. Of course, he will be heart broken, most probably devastated, and I do hope you don't have to handle any ranting and raving on his end, but whatever happens, assure him, perhaps with tissue in hand, that you would like to continue to be his friend.

  • Had a similar experience recently and I almost stayed with him because I felt guilty, but after getting friends' opinions, I realized I was only making myself unhappy staying with him and hurting him by leading him on. It's better to do it asap, because he'll fall deeper for you if you wait. Best of luck!

  • Introduce him to a friend that's different or hotter than you, don't be selfish.


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