Did we do the right thing by choosing to breakup?

Me and my I guess you can say my ex now decided to call it quits because we are both not where we are suppose to be in our lives. He is financially unstable he works at a moving company and not guaranteed 40 hrs and I'm in school and trying to make a better way for myself and also looking for stable employment, We've had our ups and downs in our relationships but we've always managed to get it together. I mentioned to him today about us breaking up due to our situations of not being financial stable and how it may take a toll on our relationship. He got really quiet when I asked him and said that it maybe a good idea if we do. I really do love this guy and I know he cares for me and loves me but I know he needs to get his self together financially to fully be satisfied in a relationship. I just don't want to keep putting myself through this heartache because we've been through multiple breakups. It's just really hard to deal with this when you can't picture your life without someone. I know I need to give my self time and stay busy and concentrate on myself but in the back of my mind I'm thinking did we do the right thing.


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  • I disagree with that. Unless your married, living together and sharing finances than his money is his, your money is yours and you get through it

    But maybe if this, and your other "multiple breakups," is enough to call it quits than maybe your not right fr each other.


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  • Nope this just cannot be the real reason. If you love someone and everything in your relationship is good you will stick together and will find a way together.

    You ought to reflect a little more on your life and on your relationship, maybe you can spot something else that you did not like.

    But be careful you once you know what you want you might be able to communicate it and it might safe your relationship.

  • I personally believe people should only break up if there is no love between them anymore. Or if one is abusive in some way towards the other.

    If you still love each other and break up for any other reason, the pain outweigh the benefits imo.

    That your life is off the rails at the moment shouldn't have anything directly to do with your partner. One's life (including happiness) is your own responsibility and should not be the others responsibility. And if there is something wrong with it's your own task to get it back on the rails.

    A partner actually helps relieve stress in situations like this, by him/her loving you no matter what.

    Also the fact that your second guessing it means it was not the right thing to do, because if it were you'd feel nothing.


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