Wh do you think he is still protecting his ex girlfriend?

i been with him for a year and I been living with him for a year. throughout our whole entire relationship I was dealing with the ex drama. he refuse to get rid of her. so far up to this point I was believing everything he was telling me about her. he said that she was a stalker and obsessed with him and that they only had sex together one time at the back of the car but she sprung off that one time. when this all began, he be answering the phone when she calls in front of me and it gotten to the point where I had to tell him to stop answering the phone. then he would pass the phone to me for me to answer. now all of a sudden somehow she got my phone number. she told me things nobody but him could ever been known. she sent me a four page text message. he then went over to her house and he was furious. still he didn't do anything. he refuse to tell me anything about her nor where she stay at. he said that she been harassing him for 6 years now. he said that he went and pressed charges on her because he filed a report on the day she sent the text. I went to the police station and my name was no where in the report nor about the text message. the police just said the ex girlfriend was getting on his nerves and it was no charges filed because it was a disturbance report. the office said he told them that she been stalking and harassing him but said he didn't have any messages from her to show that she was doing so. he basically had words only. a week goes by she threatened to text my phone and tell me something else that would make me start crying. the next day he went to the police station again. he said they couldn't do anything because they needed a statement. so he called her friends and they refused. he didn't have any evidence just words. the text messages are saved in his phone I don't know why he refuse to show it to the officers. he won't press charges, he won't get rid of her, he won't do anything. he keep saying she's crazy she's this and that. I also went back to the police station to find there is no report that was filed. he refuse to block her. in fact he lied to me about blocking her. when she called this past weekend he answered in front of me. he asked me was I happy and I replied yes. then I asked him was he happy and I replied yes also. I asked him to give me a kiss he blocked the conversation off with asking me how my ring look. I think the girl already know about the ring. the ring is fake but it was given to me in August from him before I was getting deployed. she knows about the ring, he waited all this time to tell her in front of me.idk what to do. why you think he is protecting her? after the conversation on the phone, she hanged up. then called back and he picked up and said" since you listening to my conversation, wassup what you want".he talk about her bad to me and after she sent that 4 page text, he quit answering her. its like she knew to much. he answers the phone in front of me now and plays. they argue through text messages


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  • In my mind, you are the one who is crazyyyy... Why do you still stick with this guy? Wake up and face the reality ! He is not able to get rid of his ex or he does not WANT to at all ? If he could not clean up his own mess, then it is better for you to stay away from him as soon as possible...After all, it is his life and he should be the one to shoulder the responsibility of it.

    She or me, you choose. But take a note, once you make up your mind you have to cut off the other one immediately and thoroughly for good. I don't care what method you use. Otherwise I'm afraid you are not fully ready to walk in my life yet.

    BTW, your story reminds me of an American horror movie called "Shutter", you can watch it first and let me know whether you find any connections...

    • i have told him that before. he then lied again.

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