Broke up with fiance 2 weeks ago he hasn't been in touch.

My ex has problems in communicating we have our misunderstandings and he goes and doesn't return so I have no choice but to finish it. we h ad been going out for 3 yrs. we split up four times beofre. I think he ignores me so I run back to him but he needs to tackle why he cannot communicate when we have a disagreement, he has a tattoo of me on his heart, why would a man go in his hole like this, I welcome your comments :)


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  • I have found, in my years of experience with many colors, shapes and sizes of guys, that today's "boys"(yes, BOYS) are unpredictable, sporadic, non committal, and above all---"quiet as a mouse,' to sort of--"squeak." They tend to hide things, hide from even themselves, and yes---hide from YOU---when it comes to communication. It's like pulling "hen's teeth" from them, and it is most definitely frustrating and mind blowing. They all seem to need "this space", they keep mentioning, time to think, room to breath, "don't text me, I'll text you" ordeal, and you just never know when it will be or--if it will ever BE. I can tell you, they won't change, and if they ever do, it won't be an over night transformation..and no guarantees of a sensation, either. Does a zebra really change his stripes?

    No more running back to "The Quiet Man," sweetie. It's time you start, instead, "running your own life" now. When or if you should ever 'run into" "Closed lip Claude" again, tell him straight out to move along and never mind trying to EVER RETURN to you again, because this time it's "hit the road, Jack." He has this "pitter patter pattern' of doing the disappearing act,' and along with this, he won't even give you a damn shout as to where he is and what he is doing. That's not a real relationship, let alone what I would call a "real man," neither.

    And as far as him having this "tat of you on his heart goes," you should have told him that YOU would rather have been IN his heart" than some "needled on image."

    • You have really motivated my sprit, many just hurts like hell and yes effecting me mentally. I just don't understand how he can be my all and be their but if I confront a problem he's gone! thanks again for your very informative comment its helping :)

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    • I am not like that. As a matter of fact, I think most girls are like that.

      But I still have hope that there are decent ones out there! ;)

    • Yes...there are surely girls out there as well, who are like this as well--just a "booty call" FOR some nice, if you will pardon my expression, please--"John."

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  • There might be a lot of reasons why he does that. Just to make you aware, a lot of break up websites encourage people to cut off all contact.

    It is really hard to tell what is going on.

    • Hi thanks for your comment I have broke off all contact, can't see it salvaging unless he gets help! walking away from minor heated discussions for weeks is torture! Can't see any answer to it :)

  • You broke up with him. Why the hell should he contact you? You're his ex.

    In his positions, I'd be shagging some other girl by now just to get the "taste" of you out of my mouth.


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  • Sounds like it's over.

  • I'm all for not giving up until it's over but in this case? I'm afraid it's over. Cut your losses and move on. It's a big of a sign that it should have ended long before engagement if you've broken up 4 times in 3 years.

    Sorry for your loss, but just try to pick up and move on.

    • thankyou for your comments, he was my first boyfriend at school first crush etc then met again years later... yes its effecting my health too much. someone who goes of the planet for wks is destroying!

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