Ever have that feeling? Am I the only one? Happened 3 times today. Venting also included...

Ever see your ex that you were cray about talking or being with another girl or guy? Do you get a weird feeling as if your heart drops to your stomach? I have had that twice today. I found the ex I really cared about is hanging out with his ex girlfriend that he loves to death but won't stop cheating on him. ( he said I took her place..) and now a guy I was with for 3 years, went to military school. He was always close to this one girl I didn't like he only claimed they were friends, I guess they hooked up before he left and now she's hooked on him.. Oh and my "best friend" has been talking mad smack about me.. Its been a really bad day.. anyone ever had that feeling? Your heart like speeds up then drops because it hurt so bad? I am just going to go cry.. I loved both of those guys with everything and get nothing in return but broken and left... And erica? my one and only friend since I moved.. I feel so stupid..


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  • Sounds like you've had a shitty day. Listen to some angry music and have some feelgood alone time where you spoil yourself. Warm bath. Movie. Chocolate. If they make you feel bad you've gotta make yourself feel good to balance things.

    • Thank you brilliant plan :) will do

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  • you have got the best result possible, because you now know that your not going to end up with a sleaze bag no matter how much you care for them, and you have just realized what real friends are along side plastic ones, so although it hurts, its your body preparing yourself for bigger better things. Don't worry about the past, its there for a reason, but do get excited for what's to follow an upsetting past, because a future is always creating a better past, one you can be proud of, and right now your creating a good future,x


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  • yea, if that happened to me I would feel the same way.

    • Thank you. I guess its just bad luck. But at least ik someone else would

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