Are we really broken up?

ok so I dated this guy for 5 months. it was a serious relationship since the beginning. we were best friends and lovers. our families got attached and everything. when he broke up with me he said he was sorry and didn't mean to hurt me and didn't want me to hate him. the break up was calm and ended up smiling and giggling too. he said we could be friends. we had no contact for about 3 weeks. he texted one night at 2 am and said he wanted to know how I was and was up thinking. we hung out a couple times with my sisters and at the end we end up flirting and laughing. he tells me he is always glad to see and talk to me. I had a 3 week vacation out of the u.s and before I left he told me I was the girl he always wanted and had a special place in his heart and that I always made him smile. after I was back from my trip he told me he missed me and asked me if I had met anymore special. he said he wanted to see me. I said whenever he had time and he said he always had time for me. we did see each other and ended up cuddling and kissing. I am so confuse on how he feels. I feel like we've never broken up. its never awkward. so what do you guys think ?


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  • I DONT THINK You SHOULD BE KISSING AND CUDDLING WITH HIM, HE WANTED TO =BREAK UP he nneds to know what's its like to b broken up with u.


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