I started to see potential partners as potential cheaters?

I had 6 realtionships with women and its all ended up badly some cheated most of them didn't take me seriously and the last one she started to make fun of me after our break up then she jept texting me that she misses me then she called me one day to tell me about her new boyfriend she was lying the whole time . Last girl who flirt with any she gave me her number and said she want to have realtionship with me I saw her one day and I was having a bad day so I asked her to stay with me I'm not thatvtype of guy who shows gis weak side but I trustedher so much to tell her and ask her sge tild me she had to leave so I said okay the thing is I saw ger after half hour flirting with other guy in the same table . And now I flirt with a lot of beutiful women and I really lije them but all what's going in my mind that they would cheat on me and I imagine how they would do it and all wht I think about is that they would make fun of me too . I know I siubd sikky but this stoping me from having girlfriend what should I do


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  • What were their personalities? Were they shy, nice, flirty, hookerish?

    I dont know about you, but I can tell how a girl is just by looking how they dress, how they act and what they say.

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...

      what they say... and where they hang out at.

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