I want to let her know. What would you do?

My ex of 4 years cheated on me more than once. I broke up with him some months ago and I told my family. My family has stayed neutral and still talk to my ex when he comes by my house. Everybody still gets along with him because he's my sister's boyfriend's friend. He's a very charismatic person so it's easy for people to see him as a good guy. My ex has tried to talk to me and be friendly but I have ignored him because I'm upset. I just can't believe he lied to me the whole time we were together. He has a new girlfriend now. He brought her around one time on my sister's birthday and we had small talk. I felt like telling her that day about the type of guy he is. Nobody will say anything to her except me. My sister talks to his girlfriend and acts as if my ex is a good guy they all talk good about him. I see now that my family is dysfunctional and are okay with hiding cheating. It's so bad that I even think my sister knew that my ex cheated but didn't tell me anything. I love my sister but trusting her in my relationships I don't see it happening again. I just don't think like them and feel cheating hurts you and everyone around you.


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  • I understand that you feel hurt about the way you have been previously treated, but I don't think you should say anything, it's really none of your business what he does in his new relationship. That's between your ex and his new boyfriend to deal with.

    • She's about to hit 30 and eventually will want children. I'm just seeing her fall into a hole and she will find out about his cheating years from now. If that's not cruel I don't know what is.

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