Did this bruise his male ego?

So me and my guy were together for 3 yrs, back in oct he moved from ny to NC, I stayed in NY due to my job. I didn't have a job lined up in nc and wanted to wait until March for income tax. The Distance def put a strain on our relationship but we made it work! We talked every single day, multiple times a day for hours, as well as Skyped. I also came to see him in Nov and we had such a good time.

Well last month a few days b4 Xmas I told him about a celebrity from harlem who tried getting with me, I always resisted his advances due to my relationship. The celeb found my instagram and began to follow me, I laughed about it and sent a screenshot to my boyfriend. At first he laughed about it, then a little while later he accused me of lying about what time I sent him the txt message,. He. Unfollwed me on IG then blocked me. I began to call and ask what was wrong, he kept going around the topic telling me I was a headache and leave him alone. So, I did, on Xmas I tried calling to make up and we had a huge fight, we argued and he was just very mad at me. The day after Xmas I called him again only for him to scream at me not to call, so I

Left him alone. The next day he called but I wasn't really receptive to the conversation due to his demeanor towards me the day before. It was a brief convo and we hung up.

Fast forward to new years day he called me and I did not call him back, I felt I should give him his space he asked for. So on the 15th I called him expecting for him to be happy to hear from me. I Had to call him numerous times, he finally answered and was very mean. I called him the next day and he told me he was stressed and was waiting for an email about a job, and how his phone was messed up, he told me to "chill" and he would give me a call, I waited until Monday and tried calling agian, he answered with an attitude and told me he owed me no explanation as to why he doesn't call or answers with an attitude. I asked him did he meet someone else, he said very nonchalantly yeah I did OK, you go your way I went my way go talk to tht celeb rapper and hung up on me. I Called back and was crying, he the tells me look at the way you're acting I don't want to talk to you right now and hung up, I called back again and a girl answered and told me to stop calling her man, its over and he wants nothing to do with me, I hung up defeated and a crying mess. We spoke again sat but he just told me he wants to be left alone and for me to stop calling, he says the more I call the meaner he will be. I made a complete fool of myself trying to reason and asked him to reconsider his decision, I was just moving there in March, I couldn't beleive this was happening after being together for 3 yrs, I gave my all and he just turned so cold! He doesn't jump in relationships, it took us 7 mnths for us to be in one, so did I bruise His male ego by telling him about the celeb IG follow ? Will he ever contact me again? Everyone keeps saying he will but Idk


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  • I doubt it has anything to do with that at all. That guy is just an asshole who cheated on you and deserves no better treatment than such. You can keep asking yourself "what did I do wrong?" forever, truth is he's the one who did wrong. Move on knowing that.


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  • I assume from what you've said that there's never been any sort of 'flirtation' between you and this 'celeb'.. he just got interested in you, right? if that's the case, your (ex) boyfriend is being very unreasonable and childish here. and yes, definitely ego-bruised.. I don't think you should pursue him this much at all, he doesn't deserve it. you did nothing wrong, you don't have to constantly justify yourself because of his insecurities and paranoia.. forget about it and move on. in the future, if you ever hear from him again, make sure he apologizes properly before even considering talking to him again. mind you, he jumped into a rebound relationship so quickly, w/o even caring to check if your story was true or not.. he doesn't deserve your attention.


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