Ex asked me for my new number. Why?

Last night my ex boyfriend asked me for my new phone #. He broke it off 9 months ago. We were together 8.5 yrs. we just started talking again 2 months ago. He made it seem like he didn't know that I changed it. Though I changed it months ago & he started texting my sister to get to me. Than started emailing me the last few months so I know he's known about it. Anyways last week he dropped sunglasses off in my mailbox with a note. Now he's asking me for my #.. Does he still have feelings for me?. What do I do? Should I give him my #?
Hi. Just thought if update this. He does want to get back together. I'm currently processing all of this..


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  • would you take him back?

    unless you can answer this with a clear yes, don't even think about giving him your number.

    also keep in mind what arobb95 said...

  • probably wants to get back together or wants you as a booty call


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