Do you think he misses me at all?

My boyfriend dumped me the second he got to college, through text. He didn't even wait a week and three days for my semester break when I was going to visit.

Obviously, he has a new and fun life at college. I was just wondering, even though he dumped me, is it possible for him to miss me at all?

Last time we broke up, he said he always missed me at night, before he went to bed. Could he still?

I know that nobody can know except him, but is it at all likely?


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  • who cares if he still misses you or not, you shouldn't!

    if he would have loved you, he wouldn't have dumped you.

    move on with your live and find someone who truly loves and appreciates you!


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  • no he doesn't or he wouldn't have dumped you, he dumped you so he could go out picking up girls in night clubs and live the college lifestyle without a girlfriend to feel guilty over or tie him down


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