Reconnect through bump-in or email?

My dilemma is there was a girl I liked. I failed to get close because I lacked confidence at the time (last spring). We seemed to be on friendly terms until she started 'seeing someone' and we haven't talked since.

I bumped into her on campus last fall, and I think I caught her by surprise. I was confused by her standoffish and dismissive behavior. Whatever...

She came to mind recently and I want to try reconnecting with her, pressure free. I've seen her a handful of times around campus recently by chance. Would you suggest proposing coffee by email or in person should I see her again?

I think I answered my own question, but I'm confirming.


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  • Find out what subject she's good at and what your bad in, thn ask her if she could help you with it, then work up from there slowly. Don't rush her, or you, start slow and text or email from there.


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