What does maybe means from an ex bf?

What does "maybe" means from an ex boyfriend whom I invited over to havr dinner after breaking up 4 months ago? I've tried to win him back a couple of times but rejected me. I didn't contact him for a few weeks and tried again and this time he said "maybe". Did he miss me after all or am I juat facing another rejection again? I'm crazy about him.
I invited him for tomorrow and I haven't talk to him since I asked him last week. I don't want to force the issue besides, he told me he will let me know. Should I just wait or send him a text about it?


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  • With my experience with obstinate men, his "maybe" now may mean "Let's see what happens."

    He most likely does miss you but is too proud to admit it. Go slow with him, allowing him to eat out of your hand like a little sparrow. Being you have been apart for four months, he may feel some sort of pent up hostility, but of course, I don't know the whole story here, so cannot be sure. Also, could be playing hard to get.

    Feel him out for a while longer, and when you think he is finally "nibbling," ask him again to---"break bread" with you. Good luck, sweetie.xx

    • I have a husband out in Egypt, who can be very bull headed, and yes, we have broken up several times, but always end up going back. Whenever I have asked him about something dealing with our relationship, he would stubbornly say: "I don't know, maybe.." He always caves in, and it's back to business as usual. Only you know what his heart may still feel, and what your own situation is, as to why you broke up.

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    • it doesn't work like that. he is eating out of another hand.. THERE IS NO FAIRTALE .sorry

    • Saw your update--With my experience with "bull heads," and I know, he is having his OWN personal issues---"forgiving and forgetting." He is holding his own grudge, his own vendetta. If you haven't heard by TONITE, by the end of the evening, when it's time to "lay me down to sleep"(Idinner?)then take it he is sulking, making you suffer in his silence, needs more time", blah, blah.., let him go for now..If he gets this change of heart "later", it would then be your choice to "forgive and forget."

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  • GUY SECRET : are you ready to hear this?

    Maybe means NO ! I don't want to deal with this right now so change the subject before I make an excuse to not talk to you.

    I'm curious with all you people wanting an ex back in your life.

    Do you normally dig up old garbage and spread it all over your place?

    If not, then realize thrash belongs where it was thrown. If He didn't want you then then he doesn't want you now. Same in reverse.

    Please just move on save yourself more rejection and pain.

    • the reason why he didn't say NO to the offers is because he doesn't want to have to deal with the begging, pleading, rationalizing, crying, or emotional guilt.

      You are an ex for a reason.. it is time you let him go ok? sorry for your pain but it is time for you to find you now .

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  • maybe means no nicely. Get over him, stop chasing someone who doesn't want to be chased by u. He is not worth it, Find someone who appreciates u.

    • Rhats what I thought, although he doesn't hesitate to say no before. I'm jist hoping that maybr could be a possible yes. Who am I kidding?

    • listen , sometimes we want someone that doesn't want us back..we can not force anyone to want to be with us .Find a nice guy and forget the past

  • Please check out exboyfriendrecovery .com on google it has helped me my ex has left me hanging and I've used this site. It also helps you get back you.


    I think ease off and let him come to you

    • Thank you. Ill check it out:)

  • This is something that we can't know because a "maybe" can mean "yes" for someone or "no" for someone else or it can really just mean " maybe".

  • I think he's just being nice to say 'maybe' instead of 'no'...move on if the feeling is no longer mutual :)

    • He was never expressive so I really don't know. But everyone is right, I need to move on.

  • He doesn't seem to be interested in being with you. I'm sorry but I think it's time to move on.


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