No contact with ex is best

I felt at the end that, he said a lot of things to put me down.

at first, he had no confidence, he had a bowl shape hair cut his mother cut, didn't know he needed glasses and couldn't even drive to a restaurant properly, he missed it by 3 times on the first date.

at first I thought he was adorable, but then the emotional abusive things him and his family say, are ridiculous. such as 'you didn't have to put down 1000$ for a wedding (he had proposed) he's kept a 400$ shirt I won at a bar. he eats off my food I forget in his car. then he said 'i don't want to hurt you' 3-4 weeks after I broke up with him. he's such a waste. he denies he did anything wrong, and he agrees with his sibling's friends who wrote emotionally abusive words. I am looking into other ways to take back my belongings and sue them for defamation etc.

I don't get why people actually talk to their ex. could you give me a reason?things are beyond repair because his family just stood there and smiled, while his friends emotionally abused me.

does anyone ever regret in hindsight, you could have moved on 6 months ago? I had written a note in my journal saying I wanted to split. things went downhill and he thinks still that he didn't do anything wrong. after I was yelled at, I fell ill twice. his family has not apologized and he just seems to take advantage of my trust. also controlling because I would hardly spend time with my family. and other disrespectful things he has done.

I'm just trying to express myself. Because it's hard to hold it in and be 'ok' with what's happened.


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  • i'm with you. I tried to break up with a guy last January, but ended up staying until June officialy, and September unofficialy. I just couldn't get away.

    good luck getting your stuff back. he tried to destroy mine.

    • well I know he'll wear the clothes I bought him, since he's too cheap and in debt to get his own. I was going to end it August. somehow, it lasted till December, that's when his siblings friends were swearing/ dropping profanities at my work place. unreal. his whole family and friends are disgustingly immoral

    • thanks for best answer :)

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  • I'm only getting one side of the story here, I assume there is something that caused all of this. It is hard to see that many people being cruel for no reason... However, regardless of all that, the community of those people does appear to be the type that will not learn from their mistakes. You are in the right for getting as far away from those people as you can, there is no reason to waste one second of your life surrounded by negativity. Even if a child was involved, this is a hard one to debate on.

  • Not all relationships end on "bad terms"; some relationships DO end on "neutral terms" as well.


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