My boyfriend is close friends with his F buddy?

I recently found out that the girl my boyfriend is close friends with used to be his fuck buddy. The thing that bothers me the most about this situation is according to him, when he and I first me he initially told her about me but didn't tell her when he and I had started getting serious and dating. So, when he and I became official, he changed his relationship status on Facebook, and she got mad and called him. She then proceeded to stalk my Facebook page and bitch about how I didn't announce my relationship status on Facebook which she wouldn't even be able to see since we're not fb friends... He knows I'm not big into that sort of stuff as I am extremely private and he told me he wasn't bothered by it.

It also concerns me that while he and I were dating and getting to know each other, I know he would go over her house to hang out with her. I'm bothered by this because I'm not sure if they were having sex while he and I were talking. Should I ask him if they were? Also, am I in the wrong for feeling this way? I have no clue what to do, or how to go about bringing this whole topic up.


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  • Ur choosing the wrong guy >.>

    After u, he's gonna jump to another one so becareful ;)


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  • no of course you have the right to be annoyed about that situation , how can he remain that close to someone he has seen naked and shared all that sexy stuff together ? it is very risky of course , and if she was just a fuck buddy why is he still involving her so much in his personal life ? , if I were you I would have been so mad about that , it is okay if they did so before you guys got together but since then he should have cut contact with her at all , you really should tell him that this situation is making you feel insecure and that he should do something about it unless it will complicate the situation between you


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