How to get over a girl? I don't want to like her anymore

There is this girl in my class who I like, at a party she told me she has been thinking a lot about me and I guess I was a fool and fell her for her but I don't want to like her anymore because my friend told that he had sex with her before, I didn't believe him but at a party she confirmed that they had sex. now I don't want to like her anymore becuase that really got to me. one of the guy I know told me they she was grinding on him and told him she liked him. I feel like she is easy when she is drunk and I don't think I would be able to trust her, I could easily get over her but I don't want my really good friend dating her in the future, I don't know if he likes her or not. he has known her for 4 years... I am going to a party this weekend and she will be there, how can I deal with the fact that she will be dancing with other guys? I would really appreciate you guys help to help me get over. I have class with her everyday


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  • I get what you're saying, she sounds like an easy girl and you def don't want that type of relationship, because then you'll always have that self doubt about her ability to stay loyal without flirting around with other guys. So acknowledge the fact that she is going to be at this party, so be nice smile at her and say hello but then move away. If she starts grinding on other people or dancing around look at her and realize that that's not the type of girl that you want.

    It's easy to fall in "love" or like someone because they can be exciting and new but like you said, that thing she told you really bothered you and so rest at ease with knowing that she's not the type of girl you should hang out with. Warn your buddy, let him know that as his friend you would suggest not hanging around too much with her or getting attached.

    At the party have a good time but after your dues take the time to chat with your friends and shake loose (responsibly). lol


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