Warning TMI.. Ever crave someone?

Have you ever wanted an ex boyfriend or girlfriend so bad? Like shake because you crave their love and want it SO bad but you know you can't have it? Wish you did things you didnt? Am I the only one? Like I want two of my exs love so bad it makes me shake thinking about it. I like need their love. But it will never happen just wondering if I am alone.


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  • I don't think this is "TMI," especially if you look around at what other people ask about. It sounds like you are deeply in love and it's nice to read that someone has that kind of feeling, but it also sounds like you aren't allowing yourself any sexual release. I got the impression from the very conservative way you phrased the subject matter that maybe you are ashamed of masturbation. I could be completely off the mark, but if it's something you are opposed to for personal reasons you may want to reconsider it, it will really relieve the stress from being away from your exes.

    Either way, you aren't alone by a long shot in feeling like that and things will get better. Take that strong of a feeling as a good thing, that you are capable of feeling something so powerful even if it is stressful.

    • Well thank you :) I am kinda on the edge I want to have someone but I don't want to be hurt and I am pretty busy with school and work. I don't really have time but maybe your right and I do need the release. Thank you I am pretty deep person :)

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  • Physically? Like, sex?

    • yes

    • This is one of the most beautiful things I have read. I apologize. As a man I am deeply touched by it.

    • Well thank you it means a lot I can be a very deep person :) but it's very true!

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  • if this is just in regard to sex, that's called lust or being horny. very normal. pretty sure everyone feels like that at some point or another.


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