How can you breakup with a crazy person?

I let my girlfriend move in with me. BIG MISTAKE! she won't let me go anywhere alone and she's Around me all the time. I don't have any space from her except work. She use to take 10000 pictures of me a day I had to tell her to stop. She post me all over her social media pages. I quit getting on Facebook because all her friends on Facebook are adding me. I am now on Instagram. Nearly all her friends are following me. I don't even follow them back. I have no space anywhere. Yes I talked to her about this but it's like she ain't listening. I can't go visit my family by myself. Everytime we go somewhere we have to take a picture together. whenever she upload something on the internet she want me to like her stuff. If I don't she get mad. Everytime I check my Instagram it's one of her friends stalking me. I mean all her friends are on my Instagram followers, everybody she even know. I'm preparing to breakup with her and is gotta happen even if I'm scared. She copy everything I say and do. She be around me so much I barely do see my family alone


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  • Dump her. Tell her to get her shit and get out! Tell her she has x amount of days to get out or you will call the police. If she damages anything you will also call the police. Just get rid of her. By the way she isn't crazy. She doesn't trust you and is super needy. Lol a crazy would have already killed you.

    • She videos me driving and take pictures of me driving. I don't go anywhere alone because she always on my passenger side . I have no space to go anywhere

    • Yeah she's needy. Just dump her.

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  • Omg what's up with you guys no she isn't needy its called life wich most of you aren't use to if your with someone they are suppose to become your best friend what happened to the youth you people think dating just sex or when you want to be with someone. No its spending your life with that person doing things toghter growing old toghter look at married people they hang out toghter they have the same friends. Just wake up! If you feel like this now how will you feel when your married I think your the one with issues comitment issues soon all your friends wil be married have children if most of them aren't already you will be the one left out and the older you get the more difficult it will be to get a wife or girlfriend for that matter. So its up to you to change your attetuide or live in deppresion and regret for the rest of your life

    • Lmaoooooooooo rotfl what the fuck

    • Laugh now I'm the one who's gonna laugh last. Enjoy your empty lonely old life

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  • Tell her she's dumped and has to move out. Get the locks changed. Talk to your landlord about getting rid of her. Whatever it takes.


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