Ex keeps some of my family blocked, others still befriended?

So my ex of over a year stil has me and some of my family members blocked.

Yet she has other family members still listed as friends.

The people who she has blocked have not bothered her at all. Yet she keeps them blocked.

Can anyone think of any reasons why? Does she hold a grudge? Is it painfull? Has she moved on?



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  • there was probably a very big thing that insulted her, embarrassed her or hurt her, either your family members or yourself stood by doing nothing or supported the negative energy. also if it's broken, she's' wanting to move on and ignore you all.

    • Thanks, nice answer.

      I'm wondering what this negative thing must be then. As they only tried to let her know (around the breakup) that I cared for her, they never said something bad or negative.

      So that's why it's so weird.

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    • ha I wonder if my ex thinks the same thing. I did that too, but that's because some of his other family members unfriended me.

    • If his family members unfriended you and then you blocked them. I think he will think that you were angry at them unfriending you.

      But in that situation it is clear, they did something to which you reacted.

      In my case it wasn't so. Pretty gay :P

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  • It is impossible for us to know why she blocked some of your family members while some others are still listed as friends, but it really does sound strange and it also shows that she hasn't move on 100%

  • why would she ever unblock if she is an ex?

    YOU need to move on.

    • First of all, you didn't answer the question. Which is pretty frustrating.

      To answer yours, I am not expecting her to really. But then again why not? I have had exes since that don't have me blocked. We just don't speak.

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