Mistake or Cheater? Need male point of view

Shortly after moving in with my boyfrind of a few months (he pushed the idea, our relationship had no problems), we began bickering and then I caught him replying to personals ads on the Internet. His excuse: my nagging made him no longer interested in being with me. This made him "realize" how much he really loves me. A month later I emailed him pretending to be a person who had posted an ad, sent 2 pics and he planned to meet with them the next day. Well I show up, later on he broke down saying he's a dog and an idiot, it had nothing to do with me because I'm "wonderful",it was an opportunity that never happens, and he understands if I choose to leave but he asked me to move on with him. The situation makes no sense to me because we're both very fit and attractive. I don't know if he truly made a mistake or if he is just a cheater.


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  • His intent was to cheat. He has cheating tendencies. And he's still a new boyfriend to you, so unless you want to worry about him being unfaithful for the rest of your life, I would suggest moving on.

    • This happened 3-4 months ago, so now we've been together for about a year. I'm giving it another chance because everything else is so great it would be a shame to throw away. However I feel he threw it away when he made that choice. I don't think he expected to ever get caught. So if anything will cover his tracks better now. This seems simple on the outside...but it's not easy

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  • He's a cheating SOB who wants to use the slightest irritation with you as an excuse to go sleep with someone else.

    You made a mistake by moving in with him.

    Rectify it and move out.

    You probably gave him what he wanted (Sex) before you two had established true commitment with one another, and he feels like your relationship won't get any better.

    Sorry, but you're better of with someone else, anyone else. Let him become some other girls problem. You don't need this.


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  • I know you asked for guys opinions but I think he's a cheater. You caught him, he said sorry pretended to "realize" that you were the one he wanted, and not only kept checking the sites, but actually made plans to and DID meet up with someone from online. the fact that it was you just means that he got caught. Look, he already showed up to the rendezvous. You think that if it was a real girl he would have stopped, magically "come to his senses" re-realized his love for you and left? Yeah right. If she was offering sex, he would have taken it.

    • The thing is, I sent him an email to his email address, wondering if someone had replied back if he were to go through with it. A month after he got caught replying to personals ads. Well he went through with it alright. I overheard him talking with his friend about it, even his friend was calling him stupid and asking why he fell for it. I heard my boyfriend say that was the only time he's ever done anything like that to me. I know all this is irrelevant...

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