How can I stop feeling quilty?

My ex and I dated for a year. Ever since our breakup he tried to make me jealous with various girls (one who was similar to me), only showing them attention when he I've accepted that I didn't mean much to him, but now he likes a lot girls, had sex with one (he buy the pill), and has asked if lone of of our mutual friends has had sex with me. Why is he doing all

this? How can I stop feeling quilty? The girl he for isn't evem a factor. My.friend who has a class with him said he doesn't talk to her.
I know ita desperate, but I really need help


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  • Are you sure guilty is the right word you're looking for? You need to cut your contact with him. Following up on who he is dating, who he is having sex with is only keeping the pain of the breakup fresh in your heart.

  • " Tried to make me jealous " and how can I stop feeling guilty for what ? The answer is stop focusing on the past , with him and focus in the now and future . Date someone else and don't react to his shit anymore ;)


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