How do I get her back? Has this ever happened to anyone else? What did you do?

If your girlfriend breaks up with you is there any chance of getting her back? Ladies what would you want to see from your man after a break up that would make you want him back? Men what worked for you? My girlfriend recently broke up with me because she wasn't IN LOVE with me anymore. My point is that at one time she was and I just need to get her back to that point. I don't plan on giving up on her and I'm willing to do anything to make it work. I'm not desperate or anything I just know that we broke up too soon and I would have liked to have seen where it went. We didn't end on bad terms, in fact she still wants to be friends with me even though I told her that if I was her friend I would just try to get her back and probably make a move on her. So doesn't that mean she still has hope for our relationship too? I haven't told her anything yet. She still thinks I'm taking time to myself to decide where I stand. I want her as more than a friend but I can't see my life without her even if as just friends. So my question is what do I need to do to get her back? What would a woman want her man to do in this situation? I plan on waiting for her to call me then say we should be friends and then ask her out on some "friend" dates. After that I would bring up the idea of getting back together and work from there. Any advice? Guidance? Etc anything helps. Please and thank you.


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  • I would want him to leave me alone, I'd be done with him at that point. BORING.


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  • You are wasting you time with this , This shit happens all the time . Will you still be friends with her when she is with her " New Man " with her ? The only way is to respect her decision and say OK Bye .


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