How should I handle talking to my ex the first time after our breakup?

really long story short my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me about a month ago, and we haven't talked to each other at all since the break up. I've been thinking about texting her sometime in the next couple weeks to see if she would want to meet up over lunch or dinner so I could see where she's at and if I should just move on and forget about her or if she would still want to work on things, cause when we broke up she seemed like she was having mixed feelings. now maybe I'm crazy for wanting to text her and should just forget about her and move on but I think trying to talk to her one more time would just help finalize it in my mind that were over if she turns me down. and if she doesn't turn me down then we could possibly end up working things out. I just feel like it would give me some closer by texting her to find out if she's really moved on or not, but then again I really don't want to give her the satisfaction of knowing I still want to hang out her if she doesn't care about me anymore. So do you think its a good idea if I try texting her in a week or two asking if she would want to meet up for lunch or dinner? Or would it be best if I just forget about it and wait on her to text me?


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  • hey I feel for you, I also broke up with my ex recently and taking time to heal myself, in healthy ways, yoga, meditation etc.

    a month is a short time, maybe write things out, what exactly went wrong? were there some unfixable things? were there things you did or she did?

    then there's another thing, what if she changed her phone number? I changed mine.

    and 'giving her the satisfaction of knowing', that's not something that's more important than possibly saving something important. 3 years is a long time. other guys have asked me out, but I've turned down more than 30.

    and then is there a likelihood she'd text you? it's difficult to say, in my mind, there are no set rules. just think carefully what failed in this relationship you had with her...before texting. there may be left over anger on both sides, that's why I haven't talked to my ex and probably won't. let there be peace, is what I say.

    • thanks very much for best answer. know that no matter what happens, you tried and be good to yourself

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  • I would call her, not text. Its totally understandable that you would want to see what's happening. You devoted 3 years of your life to her.


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  • It's over been over and she wants noting to do with you. leave her be. It will just make you look and feel worse so time to move on once and for all.

    Do you go dig up your garbage after you through it away? NOPE you don't

    I guarantee she doesn't think about you like you want her to.

  • Don't text her. Move on.

  • Wait on her to text you.From experience, this is the only way to go else the pain will continue for longer.

    I am right there with you bro. Keep your head up and know all chicks get ugly with time while we just get better with age.


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