Broke up with my ex, he writes on his Facebook he's 'done'?

What is that suppose to mean? I broke up with this guy 6 weeks ago, 4-5 weeks later he says 'im done'. I was 'done' with him long time ago. I'm done buying him clothes, coffee, food, lunches, tickets, food on our dates, gifts for all his family members, including body shop gifts for his little sister (meanwhile he's been too cheap, his family and him, to get my family any gifts).

What exactly does he think he is by writing that? I have also broken the engagement 7 months ago. I'm laughing because it's the most ridiculous thing I have ever read and just wondering is it because his 'ego' has been damaged?

It isn't my intention. It's just that, there was a recent fight between his family's friends and I, and he just let them call me names. at that point, he didn't give a f*ck and doesn't deserve me.

then his whole pathetic cheap family 'liked' this status.

again I laugh because he's wearing clothes I bought him, probably too cheap to buy his own.


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  • Jesus, who knows what it means. Stop reading his FB.

    • I did, that was from the moment I blocked him and his buddies

  • Well good job


    • none. because I can find a guy who has a better job or at least knows how to be more of a gentleman. no regrets.

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  • I had a Boyfriend who was also "done" with me... Actually his mom was- when she saw that I'm not gonna be their sugar mamma... :D His ego is bruised and he feels cheap since he never felt, he only saw what he can get from you.

    • that's true. I had almost a pity for him, so I am working on my altruistic behavior with a counsellor. I still believe in my heart, guys should be the one paying, not even every second date. he should be embarrassed. I'm glad to hear you moved on to better

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