Dilema for exes trying to get back together. Advice needed!

My ex and I recently reconciled. We dated for 2 and a half years, but broke up for over 4 months. I'm not going into our relationship, which - besides a few arguments - was very average and healthy. We hit a moment in our lives where he didn't know if I was the one.

Anyways, when we broke up, we agreed it was final. I decided to move on with my life, and dated someone for about a month. He and I slept together. I know I tried to move on too fast, I was vulnerable and I made a mistake. I wasn't going to keep this from my ex, so we talked about it when we decided to get back together.

My question: Having sex with someone else really hurt my ex/boyfriend... 1. He can't get past it, and it's causing him bad anxiety- advice for him? And, 2. What should/can I do? I feel like I betrayed him even though we were broken up?


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  • Do not feel like you betrayed him because you didn't ... you went your separate ways for a while and you made desisions based on what you thought was right at the time. Ask yourself... did you know you were going to get back together at the time !

    Advice for your boyfriend ... she did nothing wrong and if he had the chance he would have slept with someone else as well I'm thinging AND SECOND ... ONE CUP OF WATER AND A TABLE SPOON OF CEMENT ... Tell him to harden up !


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