She blocked me after five months?

i got engaged to a girl I loved her very much then we leave each other because she want to leave without no reason ... after five 5 months she blocked me on Facebook when I try to see her account from another account I found another guy in her account share lovely words on her wall ... why she blocked me after five months !?
please for girls answer me because you know the nature of the girls


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  • she blocked you because she has moved on, and doesn t want you to see.

    • thanks for your concern but why she doesn t want me to see ... she left me from about five months why she blocked me now ?

      ? ..

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    • use the goodbye and door closing for a better hello. One door closes another one opens...meaning IT WASNT MEANT to BE!

    • i will try and thanks for your pure words

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  • She has blocked you because she has moved on and wants you to be no part of her new life whatsoever. Sorry bro :( She isn't the one for you so look at the bright side, you now have the opportunity to find someone better for you.

  • I have blocked both of my exes. I do it because I have moved on. I also do it so I can't look at their pages or more importantly have them see what I have been doing with my life.


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  • leave her man..

    According to your description,did she even care about you that much when leaving you alone,did she care about your suffering ?!

    Then why are you stalking her ?

    move on bro, there's Plenty of fish in the sea..

    Find someone who won't leave you unlike this one :)


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