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I have very oily skin. I'm Indian and have mixed skin tone meaning my under eyes and eyelids are are a lot darker than the rest of my skin. I've tried numerous foundations from Lauder double wear to dior, chanel, loncome, mac. Anything you guys would recommend? Oh and I've tried using primer :( no good. Plus my eye kids are very oily used primer for that too so far no luck. All my make up melts within an hour and is far too shiny. What


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  • Try urban decay de-slick. Or sprays of that nature. You spray them on before and/or after make up to stop them getting oily.

    Also a large part of how your make up sits is your skin care routine. You can have a Lancome or Bobbi Brown foundation worth £50 but if you're not using the right skin care it won't look good. If you use YouTube I'm sure you'll find oily skincare routines to help you - MissGlamorazzi I know has incredibly oily skin, so check out her advice.

    Very important though, don't avoid all oils in products you use, because that will starve your skin of oils and you will produce more to compensate for that. Don't be scared of trying everything.


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