Broke up with my ex 4/5 weeks ago, he's posting this negative stuff about me, why?

there were clear incidences where he never stood up or defended for me throughout the relationship. he always gave his point of view. needless to say, I find him child like at this moment. his friends also butt in saying this and that.

now just to give some context, I have blocked all his friends, mutual/ family about 30 and changed my cell. there was harrassment going on from his so called sister in law. this guy is weak and he should realize where he went wrong and be quiet.

now he pipes in here and then, being a total imbecile, also claims he 'broke up with me' though I had called to say "I don't believe this would work out anymore"

I haven't posted anything on my Facebook dissing him so far. I'm letting him go do whatever his little heart desires. I liked being with him, but at the break up point, he turned into an emotional needy, selfish, indenial type, still defending others for harrassing me and claims he did nothing 'wrong'. now, that would be another question,

I'm just wondering about the psychology about hisbehavior and his petty friends chiming in. They acting like 5th graders. This reassures my break up decision to be honest.


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  • First of all, WOW, he is such a loser. It is totally sad that he would do that to you. Second off, when he started showing signs of not defending you in the first place, you should've left him. I think it would've been the best idea. But! That's in the past now, can't change it. The answer to your question, in my opinion, is that he has realized how amazing you were as a girlfriend. He has probably decided that since he screwed up with you, nobody else can have you. Therefore he is trying to kill you reputation with any other possible guys. This is simply an idea, possibly not the real reason, but in my experience, this has had loads to do with it.

    As for what to do about it, you just need to not worry about him. If he says something that really gets on your nerves, try not to comment about it. but if you have to comment, make sure you place yourself above him. If he realizes that he can't bring you down, he will eventually get tired of trying.

    Best of luck. xx

    • yeah I miss our friendship, but he's too passive. I had qualities he did not have, he had ones I Did not have. at this point, I'm sad a little. other guys have asked me out or seem interested. I'm taking my time. he can't kill my reputation when I'm not hooking up with anyone. I have told him not to contact me .sadly it's his friends who put me down, kept spying on my life etc via fb/ what not, called me quite different things... yes I'm sorry I was with him for almost 3 years

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  • He's mad immature! He is probably hurt and is handling his emotional pain in a very immature way"

    • thanks. yeah it sounds like it. I am thinking the same, he got hurt, I wanted to separate. there wasn't much he could do I guess...but him taking sides is one thing I can't stand for

    • just ignore all of that bullshit the best you can!

  • You answered your own question. He's a child.


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