Moving on the hard way.

Hi I split with my cheating partner 6months ago. I'm over them and have moved on with my life as best I can I'm just struggling with one last aspect of the break up.

Since the split I promised myself I wouldn't rebound as I didn't want to hurt myself or anyone else in the aftermath of the breakup. My ex on the other hand is into her 4th relationship and relishes showing off her new boyfriend when she gets the chance.

I feel like she's had the easy way to deal with breakup up by distracting herself with new lovers while I've had to deal with the breakup and the gut wrenching angst that comes when an ex has someone new, the hard way. I've tried dating online recently and in Real life for the past 2 months but I'm having no luck getting a date. I'm taking my chances with girls and am not scared of rejection. I think I'm honestly just not supposed to meet someone at the moment because my luck is that bad.How do I deal with the injustice that she gets to rub my face in new lovers whilst I have no one? And also how do I accept that she's had this easier than me. It's the last thing I need to deal with and then it can put this nightmare to bed.


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  • sorry to hear about the cheating.

    I never cheated on my partner, I only talked to other guys-that was it, no hooking up, it was constant.

    take the time to heal and don't be so hard on yourself.

    I tried online dating and got creeped on.

    I've never rubbed new lovers in my ex's face.

    you need to control the emotions , they can really hurt. I did get angry at times when I thought about the many times I bailed him out in tough times, with my hard earned money!

    so I guess similarly, I feel for you. Do something to relax and continue to pursue new love. You just never know. have hope and surround yourself with positive energy and people.

    my ex pbb has someone new and I don't care. the fact is, they are someone else's problem. they pbb will cheat or lie to the next person.

    take the high road. While his family and him pity themselves and spread rumors, I'm hitting the gym, I'm talking to other people. takecare


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  • Just know when you meet the one girl it will be a good quality relationship, hers on the other hand will not be. Having that thought is is rewarding enuff. Do you go out and buy a KIA because you want a car, or do you save and pull up in an S Class Benz. SIMPLY put. :)

    You will a girl when you are not looking- were out there trust me, and when you hunt so hard it become a hunt. Let it come to you, and she may have dates galore, but are the quality-amazing relationships...doubt it, she's filling a void!

  • No. The reason your so call luck is bad as you say is because you're grieving right now. It's not a healthy thing to jump into a relationship right away because you're supposed to space things out for yourself. Just because she has another boyfriend doesn't mean anything. She could still be thinking about you in her head. Looks can be deceiving. That's what I have learned in life. Don't be so down or yourself or you'll risk looking depressed. And since you want to date around so fast, I really dont' think you ever really liked that person or cared about her at all. Very shallow.

  • I just think she doesn't care so much about your feelings so she's just doing her.

    Heck, if she cheated on you before then I would not even keep up with who she's seeing or talking to. I would remove her from my life completely.

    I think that even though you're not meeting anyone at the moment you can still work on yourself and nurture your heart. I can tell that you're still into her.

    I would spend some time alone and mend the heart and then before you know it you will be ready for a new person in your life. Good luck to you!


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  • Of course its eaier for a girl to distract herself with new admirers, but they'll all figure out she is a two tiimer before long, so don't obsess over her behavior go your own way. It's good you haven't exposed anyone new to your torments about this girl, since you aren't really over her.

    You'll know when you meet someone really worthwhile because you will no longer find yourself thinking about the ex and her new bfs. You'll only think about your ow situation, as it should be.

  • also you are the happier person of the two of you


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