Is it wrong to use Valentine's day as a start of a breakup?

Is it wrong to use Valentine's as a start of a breakup?

I met this girl and she moved in with me. We been living and dating for a year in a Half now and I'm tired of repeating myself. I basically had to finish her parents job by talking to her about getting a job and a license. She has this attitude that she feel as long as she help me with my bills and give me sex, she is obligated to stay in my passenger seat and be around me all 24 hours a day. Till this day I have to take her around all the time. Even when she have drill weekends I have to wake up very early to drop her off. she's become so obsessed with me it's really scary because she keep having her friends to stalk me. She is not the type to say "I am done" and go on with life. She hate driving and I feel more like her father. She has a paycheck but she buys makeup and expensive weave. I am just tired of repeating myself. I can't go anywhere alone. So the things she wrote on my Instagram headline saying we were engaged, I deleted it and put something so simple hinting a breakup. she think things go her way and finally after nagging me so much I let her have her way for a little while. I can't get on social media because she has her friends stalking me or either finding me or following me. She give them my number and they be texting me


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  • There is no start. Dump her ass and get it over it. Want to give her a hint pack up all her stuff nicely and put it outside and change the locks. Don't drag it out just dump her. If her friends harass you here's a tip it's illegal to harass someone you can call the cops and if you don't want to go that far you can block people on phones now a days. Including blocking them on fb and I'm sure twitter and instagram. As for her if she doesn't fuck off you can call the cops first call she gets a warning and gets told she shouldn't contact you or go near you nothing serious just a warning. If she continues and you call again that's when shit gets serious.


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  • I don't think a hint will work, or a gradual breakup.

    You need to talk to her. Tell her the things you mentioned - that you aren't willing to baby her and you want someone more independent and less clingy. Just be honest. She won't take it well, but if you're not happy, get out of the relationship.


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  • Ehh it's just another day to me but I would wait it out. some girls may take that extra hard. Seems like you should move on with what you are saying.