My ex wants a gift (that he gave me) back?

My ex gave me an awesome pin a year ago. He told me that it was a gift from another girl, but still decided to give it to me. I was really happy and pinned it on my coat. Even sewed it so it would never fall. But what I didn't know is that he was having a long distance relationship with the other girl, while he was dating me.

Now the gal has moved in town and we are kinda friends. But the other night, she saw the pin and was very pissed off. She told me the situation and I felt bad for her.

So I bumped into my ex yesterday night and he asked me to not where the pin anymore 'cause he made a mistake to give it to me in the first place.

Should I give it back?


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  • Just tell him that since he didn't return your love, you ain't returnin his gift.


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  • My mind says no don't give it back. But my heart say yes give it back, I don't want anything that was given to me by a person that is obviously a loser jerk. Then be happy to be done with him.

  • No,

    Bad boy deserves the crap,

    Sorry :(

  • I agree with anon girl. He;s obviously an asshole but I think you should give the pin back, directly to her, if possible.

    • I'm in a dilemma. I mean it's just a pin right, but with sentimental value. I'd want to keep it and he can just go f* himself. But if I return it to her, it'll be the end of the story and everybody's gonna forget about it. Ugh, I was such a fool to lose my time with an emotionally unavailable, avoidant and immature man. His sweet talk was solid and it completely got me infatuated. No more stupid mistakes!

  • i would tell him to go fuck don't give a girlfriend a second hand gift you took from your other girlfriend.. if anything I would politely give it back to her.

    • Yeah at first I was thinking 'well it's mine now mtfk!' But at the same time, I don't wanna feel bad about something I'm wearing. Plus it means potentially making her uncomfortable again when she sees it. You're right, don't need that trouble in my life.

    • better off giving it back to her than feeling guilty about keeping it would probably start drama and I'm sure we could all use a little less drama in our lives..

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