Ex is responsible for giving Facebook information to 2 girls who harrassed me?

so now, I feel that I have gotten the whole picture.

I Broke up with this guy a month and a week or two ago, he has no added 2 of the chics who came in yelling non sense a week before Christmas, at my job.

he also told me I shouldn't go to the police because they have a screen shot of my Facebook. which I thought was odd, since I'm not friends with these 2 and have blocked them several years ago.

these 2 came in where there were cameras, what type of criminal case would this be? one of my employees heard threats.

how would you deal with it in regards to safety measures?

he also oddly has 2 videos of me still on Facebook, that he will not take down.

what is wrong with all these people? there are so many problems going on.


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  • what's on your Facebook that you don't want exposed? and why were these girls allowed to yell at you at work without the manager getting involved? and honestly, what is there for the police to get involved with? your employee heard threats, but you heard nonsense?

    • it's really nothing but babbles on my Facebook, random shit. and then the managers came in to boot them out. threats where I come from, are illegal. I was on the phone calling security, all I heard was the bitch, c**t and fcuking asshole comments

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