Will you ever get over it?

Well this ex boyfriend I really like I hope he gets over his ex in future but as of right now she has him kind of wrapped. I think she may be his first love. But she cheated on him and treated him like dirt all the time. Will he ever get over her? I got over my first love. Did you? I hope one day he does and will realize I was a good girl and give us another shot. I hope. I think we could last forever if he would just get over her. As of right now we do not talk but I hope that changes..


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  • Eventually, but the best thing to do is steer clear until he does else you will get hurt. Just wait for their drama to end, then wait 6 months, then date him. I know its a long wait, but its not worth it otherwise. If the stars are going to line up, they will.

    • Thank you. Before him and I dated it was already 5 months but he still wasn't ready to let go

    • uhg, just let it go then. Really, guys acting like a 18 year old. If that's what he is, then run anyways. 18 year old dudes are nuts.

    • Yes he is. Right on the dot 18.

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