Would you take her back? I'm a bit confused.

i had a girlfriend for a year and a half. we were quite a good match but argued a lot. bla bla. basically I broke up with her because I moved flat quite far away from her area (30min-1hour drive) and more because we always argued. In that time I slept around quite a lot (3 women) in the space of 2-3 months. For some reason, I guess cos she was drunk she called me up cos she missed me and wanted sex. one or the other lol then didn't speak for a week. and yeah that was fine but I lost one of my main sex buddies so I began calling up my ex again (because I really fancy her still) and she was better than any of the girls I had slept with during our break up period (which we thought wldnt ever end) I then find out she slept with some slimy guy on a cheap one night stand, the night after she said she would come see me (during our break up) when I randomly started texting her cos I was horny and because I'm selfish. At first I was so angry and distraught but its been a few months now and I'm sort of OK with it and we see each other quite seriously. I don't want to make it official because I'm embarrassed by what she did as this guy she slept with knows one of my old friends. I don't really like him anymore. but yeah would you take this girl back/be able to respect her? I know I'm being hypocritical but I'm quite a proud person. I tell her if she ever comes within 1000 feet of this guy ill block her off but that's yet to happen...
she was very loyal when we together

i know she slept with him cos she was bitter

and probably wanted sex and fancied him, bluddy slut


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  • First if you're going to have 3+ women around and use them.as sex buddies you shouldn't be worried about the guy she slept with. She was probably just trying to get her mind off you. You shouldn't be asking if you should take her back you should be asking if she should take you back. She is not a who re or a slut etc... honey look in the mirror... grow the balls and have a heart

    • this is the kind of response I was looking for

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  • why is it okay for you sleep around that much to even have "sex buddies" but bad for her to sleep with one guy while you both were broken up. that's bullshit just like you she can do whatever she wants after a break up.

  • how can you be proud of being a hypocrite?


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  • nope, I wouldn't take her back. GIve it 5 years, then try again, if ever. That's like eating your own throw up.

    • So in your eyes its okay for you to do whatever you want but. You like to control your women and you want them to be home crying for months? Yeah typical guy with no heart.

  • Since you split you have sept around and think that is fine. You began calling her only because you lost a sex buddy. Etc., Etc. She has slept with only one guy and you get all bent out of shape. You sleep all around and it is okay and she has one guy and you wonder if you should take her back. The question is should she take you back and the answer is NO. Hopefully she will drop, block, and get rid of you.


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