What are signs of a cheating deployed boyfreind?

Ok so me and my fiancee have been engaged for two years were both 21 he recently left for deployment in November he got RNR in January and we spent time together and had a great time but it got messed up when his family needed his help so he had to go and help them out. But he is now back overseas yes this is his first deployment. Now all of a sudden I can't help but get the feeling like he's doing something behind my back, he gets upset with me over the most simplest little things he used to call me everyday while he's there but now we just text each other and no phone calls even when he's not doing anything and it's not like I don't trust him I have my reasons not to(I did find out he cheated on me 4 weeks before deployment with some girl he used to know in high school...long story) but he has changed a lot since then and when I found that out I treated him like shit for a while until I was over it. I'm not completely over it but it's the past. but there's still that iffiness about things he do. Like the other day we got into an argument and I was complaining and he was yelling but for some reason he kept telling me that if I don't stop complaining then I can go cause he doesn't care and that really hurt my feelings. I just want to know what are the signs that he might be doing something or if I'm just thinking way to hard. He doesn't seem like the type that would cheat but hey he's proved me wrong before who's to say it won't happen again


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  • This is not a healthy relationship. You need some changes, or you need out.


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