Why is my ex boyfriend acting strange?

this guy has been my ex from 4yrs ago. last year we dated again because he said he realized that we should give it another chance so we dated for 7-8months but he ended things with me because of something. it was about money. he got offended with it. I know I am right. he just doesn't like to be corrected. even if I never nagged him with anything and even if he is a troublemaker I try my best to be there for him for support because I really love this guy, he was the only guy I laid my eyes on. (and not to sound conceited my friends and others told me I am beautiful and amazing that I should open my eyes to other deserving guys, but I can't really help myself falling for this guy :( .. )

he contacted me before Christmas he called many times I didn't answer.but I was thinking maybe its important to after him miscalling me many times I finally answered he sounded nervous and was like checking me out but I was being cold I was just answering his questions. (to be honest I am really tired of being too kind that's why I was thinking that time maybe I should not act like I care so he would think differently) he asked why I am not calling him anymore? he said its OK if I contact him and if he contacts me still.. I didn't ask why he said that. he even said he misses me but I ignored it for a few secs and just told him it will pass. I guess he got shocked with my answer because the sound of his voice was shocked. guess he didn't expect that.normally id say I miss him too and be emotional til the call got cut and I just texted him that I have to go even if I wasn't really going anywhere.

after 3wks he likes my photos in social sites.i just continued living happily.so he won't see or know I'm sad or being miserable.beacuse he is the type of guy who is confident because girls chase him.i guess he doesn't really know my value.he thinks he can have me anytime because I love him.

he even comments on them with silly stuff like joking but I'm not replying.the other week I was shocked when I checked my Facebook he liked my status from yr2009 he was tagged there(we are not friends in fb anymore)he was tagged there.the post was about me being happy having a boyfriend like him.HE LIKED IT! I don't know why?!?is there something up?!it was way back 2009.its 2014 now. I don't know what he is thinking :"( actually his friends like me for him theyre kind to me, they want us to be together.so they also liked that post. I ignored it even if it was trending in Facebook because my friends were shocked too.

then nowadays because I am busy he liked my photos on instagram.i unfollowed him there.

i just wanna know what is he thinking?guys?what should I do?sorry if this post is too long


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  • Why would you mention the head games you were playing with him and still are.He sounds much more sincere than you could possibly ever be.Time for some serious introspection.D R A M A!


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