What do you think about me talking to my sister's ex?

My sister went out with her ex for 4 years and she ended up break up because she said he cheated on her. The first time he cheated on her she showed me his texts to a girl he was talking about going to see. She ended up calling the other woman and she said that it was him trying to get with her and he was messaging her on Facebook. My husband and I were there when we found out and they broke up. I told her to forgive him and he probably didn't mean it. She did and they continued. Until she said she didn't want to be with because he cheated. He wanted to get married with her and have children. My sister kept on saying she didn't know about that.Her ex tried to get back with her for months but she didn't want to. At first they were close to getting back together. They just didn't. Now he got a new girlfriend and she seems nice. My husband is friends with her ex so I'm friends with him too. Her ex has come by and she ignores him. She says that he cheated on her and I told her he didn't because I asked him and he said No. She ended up telling my husband that he covers for her ex because that's his friend. I had a birthday and her ex came with his girlfriend. My sister talked to her and was nice to her. I asked her if she talked to his new girlfriend and she said yes. She told me she had a different mind set from me. My husband says that my sister is jealous her ex has a new girlfriend. My husband said she needs to get over it. Her ex told me to get a job for his new girlfriend where I work at. I got her the job and we go out for lunch. I told my sister that she works there but lied to her about how she got the job. My sister was okay with it and said that if she needed a job good.


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  • I don't think you need to change anything from the way that you've been going so far. I agree with your husband: your sister has to get over this. Perhaps he cheated, perhaps she made a mistake. Either way, he's moved on and she needs to move on too. Otherwise she's going to be stuck in the place where she broke up with him.


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