Why did my ex act this way?

So I broke up with my ex of 4years some months ago because he cheated on me. I have told people why I broke up with him. They all know what happened and why I ended it. My brother in law still talks to my ex and I'm sure he told him that I've told everyone. He was visiting my brother in law and brought his new girlfriend. I spoke with his girlfriend one other time around my sisters birthday party for a little bit. That was the first time I met his girlfriend. Yesterday I went to my sister's house and he literally gave me the scariest look. Like he's scared of me and he tries to act nice. I just went and sat right next to my sister and started talking to everyone else. I talk to everyone except him even though he's tried to be my friend again.


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  • Hmmm...Perhaps he is "intimidated" by the fact that you may start "yuk yaking" him to the new girlfriend, and he is trying to butter you up for just---"friends with no benefits".

    I could be wrong, but with my experience in knowing the mind set with most men, especially sneaky ones who have shown to be snakes in the grass, they usually have a motive behind every slithering thought that they both think and------prey on.

    Stay your distance, sweetie, and don't get too close. Just keep things low to the ground with a civil tongue, as they say, and don't ever allow yourself again to become his "food for thought," this hair-raising rat.xx

    • That's how he looked when I walked in he literally looked intimidated. He's scared I'm going to say something to her. The truth is I'm big on treating others the way you like to be treated. I could careless about him but her having to deal with such a liar. I would tell her given the chance because I'm not big on controlling people to get your way. It's so conniving. Just as there are men like this there are women like this too.

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    • You better believe it. He wanted to get married and even have children and he wondered why I was so uneasy. Our families were expecting it too. He would get upset when I would tell him I didn't know when that would happen. I want that but with someone that I can trust not someone that feels they can do what they want. This is exactly how divorces happen. I have a friend who just divorced her husband because he was unfaithful and they both have a daughter.

    • You could never trust him again, even if he would beg. The kind of amazing angel I can tell you are, you will be harmonizing again with someone much more deserving. Guys like this, say this at the start, believing it themselves, but sometimes, as you have learned, they turn sporadic, unpredictable and suddenly--emotionally unstable, ending up hurting the ones they claim to love. Now he has newbie to "begin the beguine" with. Maybe she will later---end up meeting UP with you to----"yik yak,"

  • oh sweety what you have do? you give him a second chance. Personally you can try it but you will remember the time, how he has show you his "girlfriend" . You can accept this, it is your life but your stand and your character in this contect isn't "normaly" for a young lady.


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