Should you ever get back with a girl who cheated?

My ex-girlfriend cheated on me and basically had an affair with another guy for a few months. we broke up but we are now best friends and still go out to movies and dinner often. we consider ourselves friends with benefits since we still have sex. I know that she has changed and would probably never cheat on me again but then people say "once a cheater, always a cheater." she tells me about all the dates she goes on and how I am better than all of them and she always tells me that I am still her #1 guy and that no relationship she has with a guy will ever ruin our close friendship. I don't want to get back together with her because I will never forget what she did but I have not dated since we broke up just because I'm a very shy, antisocial kind of guy and we both clearly still have feelings for each other.

so I just wanna know:

is it normal to be such good friends with an ex that cheated on you?

is there any situation in which you could get back with a cheating girlfriend?


why do some guys even get back together with a cheating girlfriend? how do they forgive cheating? (i definitely need an answer to this!)
Should you ever get back with a girl who cheated?
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