You think they will come back. What signs do you look for?

I loved this girl but she broke our friendship when I told her that l like her more than a friend. She didn't wanted to be friends anymore and made it clear that she will not lover me ever the way I did to her. We didn't spoke and me each other for months and she is graduating this year. She never looked at me when we bumped into each other couple of times and it was rare. But recently we bumped into each other and she looked at me and smiled. I was happy and felt really shocked and strange. My friends told me to look for the signs if she wants to be with you again or wants you to approach her. I really don't know what signs to look for so girls if you can help me out with this, it will be a really great help Because you know about a girl's mentality more than I do. I really love this girl and I really want to know what changed her heart/feelings for me now. And I haven't spoken to her yet as we are still not on speaking terms but I really felt great after seeing her smile and that too for me. I just keep thinking about her. I have been through a lot Because of this and when I was finally getting my life back, this incident / whatever it is, made me realize that I still feel for her and even stronger this time. I don't want to take the first step to approach her as I don't want to come like creepy to her and also for the reason that she didn't wanted me to talk to her anymore. What signs do girls usually give guys if they like them? And before telling this girl about my feelings I did looked for signs and I showed her a pic of a random friend of mine and said that I like her. She really got mad and called that girl a slut. She didn't listened to what I said to defend that girl and then after when she calmed down she said she was sorry. I really want to be sure before approaching her again, so please help me out and thanks for the responses in advance.


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  • Girls are complicated. But I think you should approach her first. Just talk robber ask her why she felt that way (that she didn't want to talk to you again) and why she reacted that way when you told her you liked someone else. If her response is the same as before than move on from her. Good luck

    • The set back I have right now is I haven't seen her since the night she smiled at me. Yes, we are in same university but I don't know her schedule. We did ended up in a same lab but I recently found out that she switched her lab to other location close to her house. So I saw her car couple of times but not her. A friend of mine told me to text her so should I do that?

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    • Haha that's a good way. Just don't imagine when you can coz most of the time the thoughts comes by itself.

    • That's true lol. So lets just not imagine.

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  • Do you want to regret not taking that chance years later or are you not? You better approach her. But if she refuse again then just let that girl go. Good luck man

    • Thanks and no I don't and that was the reason I told her about my feelings at first place. I am not afraid to onfron her but dude I haven't seen her since that night. It's ben like 3 weeks now. I was thinking of texting her but there are really few chances of her replying and even if she does I don't know what's going to be her reaction although she did showed a positive sign of noticing me and giving a smile. But you know, right?

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    • Well good luck then

    • Yeah n thnx for ur help.

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