Do you think moving on after being single for 3 months is bad?

I dated someone for 3 and half years and I ended it just under three months ago, I didn't feel appreciated at all. I'm still crazy over them but I understand that if they're not going to change we don't have a future together.

I've been talking to someone new and I think I like them.. I asked them could I take them out for a drink.. And they replied with ' like a date?' which I replied to 'I just meant in a friendly way but it could be that if you want?'

I'm uncertain whether they like me back,. I don't think I want a relationship though. I've already been Cheated on, lied too and put last, I don't want to re-live all that because it hurts like hell.

My question is this.. Do you think if I did go on ' a date' with this person I'm mean? My ex isn't going to like it at all :/


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  • Don't go on the date with the new guy...u are not over your ex, if you are worried about his feelings over urs then don't go. And def don't take the new guy for a ride. Stay single a bit..figure out if you want your ex back or not..but don't go on a date until you do

    • This has actually helped me out a lot, thanks (:

    • Well it make sense, but it don't cause uve been broken up 3months now..but, clearly you still care for him. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad, I mean realistically you broke up with him for a reason. But the choice is urs

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