So ex boyfriend doesn't get it?

i believe I'm over him. he did wish me happiness, he did say many times he loved me. however, his future sister in laws called me a lot of bad names a month ago.

when I last talked to him, he seemed to not understand how negatively it affected me. It was a moral transgression. I felt that he could have defended me better.

the only thing that bugs me, is that he just didn't step up against those sister in laws of his. he seemed to take their side. and I felt really betrayed at the end. I felt like he didn't care. I felt that if he and I ever were serious, that this is his character- he would surrender me to the dogs.

how do you deal with a relationship that ended because of external forces? it revealed his weakness that I can't live with. it isn't about anything else but just this incident. he also said I should 'ignore it'. when people are calling you bitch, cunt, asshole and every other word... how exactly do you ignore it?
see I know my value, and he doesn't cut it. That's how I'll deal with this.

if a guy is going to cheap out and run the other way in a fight, not worth being with him


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  • you ignore it, people with good inner confidence, who love themselves, who have high self esteem don't get emotionally involved in this kind of drama,

    i think you should all sit down and find out the root of the problem, watch his sisters in laws now be all like "see? that c**t bitch walked out on you, that bitch would do something like that because she's a bitch"

    • I would never sit down with them. I've been talking to other guys and moving on.

      I'm not sure if you're making a sarcastic joke, but they're great narcissists to do so.

      oh well, live and learn.

      I'd rather be a free woman.

    • I didn't get involved, they came to me.

    • I love my inner confidence enough to say, I'm tired of verbal abuse.

      I don't know where 'self esteem' comes into play, I definitely don't have low self esteem. you don't know me personally so it was kinda like pulling a rabbit out of my ass talking about who I am.

      I asked a question, just answer it.

  • The relationship is over. Move on. How do you move on? Stop caring about what some people said that aren't in your life anymore.

    But really, you dumped him because his sister in law said some shit? Maybe they were right? Or maybe he was in between a rock and a hard place because no matter what he did his life was going to be a living hell and he was hoping you'd understand that. Instead, you made it all about YOU and you proved them right.

    Good job.

    • I understand that some answering people try to help, but I feel you are blaming and could have re worded every 2nd sentence. I believe you should re read the question. It isn't about someone saying shit, obviously you're passing judgement as if to say this situation is so simple. I hope you can have a little more respect next time , I almost liked your answer.

    • No, it seems like you came here to bitch how your ex boyfriend was "weak" and therefore not a man. Your question is barely a question at all and since you didn't like the answer or even the more supportive one below I can only assume that you were hoping everyone to immediately agree with you and tell you how strong of a woman you are for respecting yourself.

      There's a huge difference between respecting yourself and being full of yourself. You're the latter. It's a bit sad really.

    • Sounds like he's getting a good deal not having to deal with your self importance.

      P.S. People don't just fly off the hands and call people things like "bitch" or "cunt" unless there's a reason for it. You aren't fooling anyone.

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