Why do guys cheat on the girl the claim 2 "Love"?

I never understood, why the hell guys cheat or do things behind their girlfriends back. I've had guys say that, they love their girlfriend but yet do things behind their back. To me, that doesn't even make sense. when you love someone you don't do shady crap like that and hurt them.


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  • You can still love someone and hurt them. Ask any child, ask any parent.

    Expecting the person you love to never ever hurt you in any way, is stupid and idealistic.

    • Thank you! your comment actually is true. We all are capable of hurting someone else.

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  • Before you can hope to understand love, people, and the world around you, you must first understand yourself.

    Most people don't understand themselves.

    • all I want to know the answer to the way guys think. because even if I understand myself, I will never understand them. That's why I'm asking!

    • You may understand yourself, but they don't. Remember, love takes two to tango.

  • Love is just a word. If they truly loved their GF, TRUST ME, they wouldn't be cheating behind their backs, simple as that.


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