Advice with my current ex boyfriend situation. He's annoyed, wants "space"?

We broke up because of distance. He says.

I barely realize I was mistreated because he didn't acknowledge my feelings or work out problems with me (I know I should use this to get over but hold on)

So before he left to go back to his country, he told me "maybe one day we will get married"

So I guess I was dumb and fell for it, a month later he blocked me without giving me any reason. So I freaked and pestered him about it but no response from him. So I waited a month to see if he needed space and he is still not okay. He still ignores me. So at this point I'm irritated because I was deciding if that means not to wait for him anymore. So I tried finding out and now three months after he has left, he sends me a message as someone else, saying he says for me to leave him alone. That he is super annoyed with me. That I need to stop trying to talk to him. He needs space and that means space for a year or 2, whenever. That he does not want to talk to me end of story.

If he had said this before, I would have not reacted the way I did, but he won't understand that. But what I want to know is why would someone react like he is? That they need space for a year or 2 when I did nothing wrong? Then all of a sudden he started acting cruel and hateful towards me by telling me I'm annoying, when he would have never said that when he was here. Ugh, confused. Help.


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  • he comes up with excuses and not acting how you want from someone you consider a boyfriend.

    if a guy doesn't listen to me, doesn't be careful with what he says and constantly makes excuses, I really don't believe in 2nd chances. I walk away. like the other user said, next.

    • Yup. I barely realized this too late unforunately. :/

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  • I'm sorry that happened to you :( It sounds like he may just want to have fun for a year or 2 without worrying about a relationship. I think the best thing to do is to try to move on and keep yourself busy so you won't think about it. My boyfriend and I just brokeup because of distance too so I know it's tough :/

    • You know, I think your answer is completely true. He wants to have fun and be single for this time. And it's not my responsibility to wait that long, and I will be trying my best to work on my life :)

  • Sounds like a good idea, tell him to take all the time he needs. F&ck who want while on this break though... ;) lol.. no but really, It's not to end the relationship. Sounds like things are getting old and boring so, oh well. on the the next! :))

    • hahaha thank you so much. I am definitely done waiting on someone and staying single because of him.

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