Is my ex being malicious?

I broke up with my ex three months ago, (he left me for another woman) and a week after that I went into the hospital for a heart condition. I was there for two and a half months, my ex found out I was there and texted me to see how I was. When I would respond to his messages he would then go on about how wonderful his new girlfriend is and that she is the best thing that's ever happened to him. He would tell me in texts about their dates etc. I ignored him because I've been phone won't allow me to block him but he keeps bothering. I got out of the hospital last week but he still bothers me. Mutual friends tell me I'm being immature but I justified for ignoring him and why do you think he's bothering me? Pls help!


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  • Why is he bothering you? Because he's an asshole.

    The way he left you. He text you in the hospital. The least he could have done is put aside the differences and come for a visit. Even a short one. The to talk about the other crap.

    If you're being immature, please point out where. I must have missed something.

    Is there an app you can download to block calls?



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