Is there any way to get back with my ex-girlfriend?

Alright I'll try to keep this short.

I have known my ex since my first year of high school and also in the same circle of close friends as well. I asked her to prom and shortly after asked her to be my girlfriend. We go to our separate colleges and date for about 2 years. It was a long distance relationship, as we were 9 hours apart. Shortly after going back to school she calls me saying how she wants the relationship to end, how "it's not you, it's me" sort of thing. Like that it was over. Her best friend/roommate(who is also in our circle of friends) told me that the relationship was getting rocky and how the breakup broke my ex's heart. Which confused me. She broke my heart, and in the process broke mine?

Anyways we still always hangout with each other in a group. I Facebook chat with her and text her every few days. We always hangout whether it's going to the bars, dinner, lunch, or just dessert. Even when going to watch a girly movie like twilight I will be going with all the girls in our circle of friends(and I'm the only guy) and I'll always be sitting next to her, whether it's a movie, bar, restaurant, etc. Heck we even went to Vegas as well.

Despite being single for 1.5 years, I still love her even though she broke my heart(and somehow she broke her heart too). I was wondering if there's a chance whether realistic or fairlytail to get back into a relationship with her.
I forgot to mention her roommate and their friends at college had a conversation about liking people. It was bought up if my ex still liked me. My ex responded with "no" and when asked if she thought that I still had feelings for her, she said "I don't know".
I try to forget about things we did and my feelings, but I just can't. Whenever I return home from college and see her my feelings just come back again. I can't just end the friendship, we're in the same circle of friends, so I'm always going to be seeing her no matter what. Is there any way I can win her heart back again?


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  • You have to ask her about it. Talk to her. She's probably too scared to make the first move.


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  • She is an ex for a reason, if it's meant to be it'll happen.


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  • Ask her point blank if she wants to get back together. That will give you your answer.


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