Is my ex boyfriend regretting breaking up or playing mind games and moving on

I met my ex 14months ago the day before he flew to Thailand,we wrote for the 7months, I could tell he was interested but I kept it as friends. We had so much in common,travel,property's,no ties,and we had both been hurt by our ex's and not dated since.. When he came back we started to date, I was worried cos I didn't want a short term relationship, ( he was only here 6months then travelling again) but he told me he had never met anyone like me,we were meant to meet,I could trust him not to hurt or let me down. Now to be honest his behaviour was a bit full on but I felt secure and loved and things were fantastic. He told my family I was his life partner, his mates thanked me for making him happy, and his parents were so pleased he had a girlfriend that was good for him and loved him but let him do is thing. He decided to stay 2 months longer because he met me an everything was amazing... But 5 weeks before he was leaving he changed. He was cold, moody,distant,broke arrangements, he was honest and said he suffers with stress and also emotional about leaving as he was happy... He got worse and worse and I began thinking, I Had been used so started making demands about being neglected. On the weekend of him leaving he was worse so I gave him space but panicked wen it got to late evening and he hasn't called. I text and his reply was, I don't want to hurt you I like being alone your the kindest and most considerate person I have ever met... I asked if he was OK and he said yes, I asked should I call, he said no I'm fine thanks. I called! He was angry and said I want to go separate was, I don't want anyone else but I like being alone. Have a good Xmas... He left the country... I was heart broken and a mess for weeks and weeks. I did not remove him off fb but I gave my password to a friend so I came off and ddntlook. I didn't write for 3 weeks and when I did I just explained it was a shame as we were lucky to meet things were right, I also know when you travel its for freedom and a girlfriend goes against this so its best we broke up... I wrote a month later just wishing him luck, saying I've booked to work abroad and life is good. He replied I was amazing but still felt separate ways was best for him.. Now t thing is. I hvent fought and I backed off.but after 3 days of arriving he posted each day how mint it was, he was, life is! and There must be over 1000 pics now in just 2 months which are mostly of HIM having an overly amazing time ( I'm not on mine much when I travel alone) he's draped round as many people as possible and if a girls near he holds her in a way that could be read as its his girlfriend. We have once fb chatted recently, and I appeared happy to have moved on and friendly,he said" have a nice eve it was nice talking to you.tace care". I'm posting nothing I'm not fake but his page looks like he's trying to hard or putingon a show, he's an extravert but not when alone,is he convincing himself,showing his world he's so happy but really he's not!?


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  • i say take it at face value an move on. you was a nice fling for him during his travel an he truly moved on with his life.

    • yeah I thought that,

      just confused,he bought me an IPad the day he went and I was meeting him in Brazil, he told his folks and mine he wanted to be with me for life, who does that. not me?

      Even though I want to I can't go back the trust is broken, and he's 37 wasted hanging onto anyone can to make it look like he got mates and happy, I travel and I like the people I meet but they are not best mates, prob only known them a few days...wondered if I should expect him to try again

      i guess not


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