I'm obsessed with his ex-girlfriend!

Not to the point of calling the police... don't worry! But I do have an unhealthy obsession with her, well, at least the role she had in his life for nearly 5 years. I've looked her up on FB and browsed through her photos... yeah, I told you it was unhealthy. The annoys me is that I think she's prettier than me, slimmer, more toned, and more youthful, yet we're the same age. I sometimes get the vibe that he's with me only because things didn't work out with her and I'm a reliable trustworthy person. He says he finds me very attractive and has never felt this good before, but I keep thinking they're all lies. Why am I obsessing over this nonsense crap instead of enjoying the relationship?


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  • You may not be as pretty as her. I personally don't try and get the most attractive girl possible and I haven't found a relationship to be more enjoyable because a girl was prettier than another girl. I think your thinking is wrong. You're only allowing looks to be a factor.

  • Well it's normal to feel jealous.

    What you need to understand is, if he wanted to be with some other girl, he could be. But he chose you. So clearly he wants to be with you.


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